Episode PlotEdit

Mrs. Rene gives Pee-wee a letter from his pen pal Oki Doki from Japan. In the letter, which Conky translates for Pee-wee (since he can't read Japanese yet), Oki tells Pee-wee he is coming to visit him. Oki shows Pee-wee sushi, origami, and Gamera. Everyone also plays charades when Oki leaves.


  • Mrs. Rene, and Miss Yvonne visit in this episode. Cowboy Curtis calls on the Picturephone.
  • Joey Miyashima played Oki Doki.
    • Conky says hello to Oki in this episode; earlier, Globey mentions that Mr. Mitsumi works in the automotive industry, at the time one of the most growing industries in Japan. It's still one of the most profitable industries in that country, along with robotics, IoT (internet of things) and electronics.
  • A Japanese stockbroker firm's commercial featuring Pee-Wee was produced the same year that this episode was filmed. [1]
  • Jambi does not appear in this episode.
  • Mrs. Rene does the secret word routine in this episode.
  • Gamera is a Japanese monster video from the 1970s dubbed into English.
  • When Oki says the secret word in Japanese (tokoro), a kanji symbol for the secret word "処" flashes when everybody screams.


  • Secret word: place
  • Connect-the-dots: none
  • Snack: water
  • Wish: none


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