Episode PlotEdit

Miss Yvonne comes over and plays house (Pee-wee as the dad, Miss Yvonne as the mom, Globey and Pteri as the kids, the fish as the pets, Reba as Grandma). Pee-wee walks on the ceiling with special shoes. The Playhouse Gang comes over to see the ant farm, but the ants got out and Pee-wee asks Jambi for help. The characters make parfaits. Conky's built-in smoke alarm goes off and everyone finds out that Randy, who is smoking, is responsible. Everyone teaches Randy that he shouldn't smoke. Miss Yvonne and the Playhouse Gang return and they play Ring Around the Rosie and Musical Chairs before Pee-wee leaves.


  • Miss Yvonne, Reba, and the Playhouse Gang visit in this episode.
  • When Elvis gives Pee-wee the piece of foil, Pee-wee had taken off one wall-walking shoe; but when he puts it on the foil ball, he has both wall walking shoes on.
  • Only time where someone leaves the playhouse and comes back later.


  • Secret word: what
  • Connect-the-dots: spaceship
  • Snack: parfaits
  • Wish: That the ants never got out of the ant farm to begin with

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