Episode PlotEdit

Jambi grants Pee-wee's wish poorly. Pee-wee plays fetch with Pteri. Pee-wee makes a space helmet out of a paper bag. Miss Yvonne gives Mrs. Steve a beauty makeover. Tito gives Pee-wee
a piece of foil for his foil ball and a lucky penny. Cowntess borrows things for a tea party. The playhouse gang come over for fun.


  • Miss Yvonne, Mrs. Steve, Tito, and the playhouse gang visit in this episode.
  • Dixie stands in front of the door when she and the king come over, and asks if Yvonne can give her a makeover next. Sadly, this never happens onscreen.
  • The scene where Pee-wee puts Pterri to sleep in his nest is reused footage from Rainy Day.


  • Secret word: time
  • Connect-the-dots: dog sled
  • Snack: none
  • Wish: Someone would come over (Salesman)