Episode Plot

As the episode opens, Pee-Wee is painting a picture in the style of Pablo Picasso. Mrs. Rene comes over and falls in love with the painting, so Pee-Wee lets Mrs. Rene have it. She accidentally hugs it, and the painting gets printed on her shirt. However, she doesn't care, and loves what she did to her shirt, and goes to show it off. Later, Cowntess comes over and tells Pee-wee that he hasn't returned her pencil sharpener. Pee-wee looks everywhere for the pencil sharpener and finds an old suit and decides to have a clothing drive. Everyone donates their old clothes, but soon, Pee-Wee remembers the Cowntess's pencil sharpener! Pee-Wee and friends look for the pencil sharpener everywhere, but can't find it, so Pee-wee has to tell Cowntess the terrible news. Fortunately, Cowntess cheers Pee-Wee up by letting him know that she had misplaced her pencil sharpener, she had it all along, and he didn't have it after all!

- Mrs. Rene, Ricardo, and Cowboy Curtis visit in this episode.
- Penny is shown in this episode.
- Brandon Todd Barrad played young Pee-wee.
- Mrs. Rene Thought She Would Wear Her shirt But Puts it in the Clothing drive

Secret word: wait
Connect-the-dots: dragster
Snack: none
Wish: none

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