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Her jacket, The King's projector and playing her trumpet
Monsters, People screaming in her face (though in one episode she didn't seem to care)(Season 1)

Taxi driver, who usually introduced "The King of Cartoons" by playing her trumpet (first in typical fanfare then segueing into Dixieland-style music, hence her name) and announcing "Hear ye, hear ye! His Royal Highness, King Cartoon!" or something similar. (On occasion, she would not play her trumpet at all.) She only appeared in Season 1 and from Season 2-5 the Flowers took her place in announcing the king, but it can be assumed that she still lives in the royal palace in Cartoonland.

Played by Johann Carlo, Dixie is one of her most famous roles.


  • According to the Caseem Gaines book Inside Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Dixie was meant to be a depiction of a "butch, perhaps lesbian New York stereotype". However, this was averted in the episode Beauty Makeover when she asks if Yvonne could give her a makeover next, likely to help her get a boyfriend.