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Episode PlotEdit

Reba comes over and has a splinter in her finger, so Pee-wee plays doctor and gets it out; he also gives Reba a bill. The Del Rubio triplets come over and play pass the orange then sing a song. Pee-wee shares an orange with everyone (even Conky) but Randy eats his section causing him to childishly whine about it; Pee-wee plants the seed and grows a tree with Jambi's power. The King of Cartoons arrives; they play around with him by claiming that there's no orange tree but reveal they're only kidding the King; he then shows a cartoon before leaving. Pee-wee thanks everyone for watching the show and says good-bye.


  • The King of Cartoons only appears once in a while starting with Season 4.
  • Pee-Wee reveals that the reason why he is nicknamed Pee-Wee is because of his suit being called a "pee-wee suit". This is mentioned again in Chairry-Tee Drive.
  • The secret word is flashed on screen in all capitalized letters this time, and will do so for the remainder of the series.
  • Reba and the King of Cartoons visit in this episode.
  • The Del Rubio Triplets played themselves, this is the second time and last time they were seen; the first was the Christmas special.
  • First appearance of Pee-wee's dog Roosevelt.
  • First time there was no Penny cartoon.
  • First time we see El Hombre.
  • First time we see the waterfall painting with running water.


  • Secret word: well
  • Connect-the-dots: none
  • Snack: orange
  • Wish: That the orange tree would grow faster.