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Episode PlotEdit

In this episode, Magic Screen shows a video on how ice cream is made. Pee-wee looks at a drop of water (that fell out of the fishtank) through a microscope. Globey reads a newspaper. Pee-wee gets an idea and decides to start a Playhouse newspaper; everyone will write articles for the paper. Pee-wee stays up all night typing it and when he finally finishes and falls into a deep delta sleep, Randy comes and changes all the articles in it to libelous nonsense. Everyone tells Randy that he shouldn't make up lies about anyone or he won't have any friends.


  • Miss Yvonne visits in this episode.
  • No Penny or El Hombre in this episode.
  • Conky contributes financial news to the newspaper, Jambi does a horoscope column, and Miss Yvonne includes a fashion story.
  • Clocky says "Randy, how could you?" and no one screams even though the secret word is "how".


  • Secret word: how
  • Connect-the-dots: none
  • Snack: trail mix
  • Wish: none (though Randy makes up the story that everyone will get two wishes)

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