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Jambi is a blue-faced (later green) genie who lived in a jeweled box. Usually appeared once per show to grant Pee-wee a wish, often with unexpected results. Sometimes he appeared more than once per show or not at all. His catchphrases included "Wish? Did somebody say 'Wish'?", and the magic words "Mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho" (which grew more complicated as the show progressed).

Rather than granting people three wishes or an unlimited number of wishes like most genies, Jambi is a special kind of genie that grants people only one wish a day, and he constantly reminds Pee-wee of this when the man-child selfishly asks for more wishes. Jambi says the rule is actually one wish per show and that should someone else make the wish Pee-Wee forfeits his wish, as in the case when Cowboy Curtis wished to replace his worn-out boots, but Pee Wee says it is good to let someone else take advantage of wishing for things instead of it being just him that get to make his wishes; the same thing occurs later when Miss Yvonne wishes for a pair of clogging shoes and earlier when Jambi himself wishes for another cup of tea. However, he cannot grant wishes involving dogs, as he is very allergic to them.

Jambi's wishes often obtained the desired results, but can sometimes run into trouble. When Pee-Wee turned himself invisible from a mail-order magic kit, he cannot reverse the process and figured Jambi can bail him out. Jambi actually cautions Pee-Wee against wishing, as mixing magics is dangerous and unpredictable. This proves true as Jambi makes Pee-Wee visible, but his head is still invisible. Jambi agrees to wishing again as that is more of an emergency and he is working with the other Playhouse characters, the audience, and fellow spirits of magic to save Pee-Wee, using an indeterminate amount of his powers to save him.

However in the Christmas special, Jambi agrees to an extra wish as it is the holiday season.



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Soup,Reba,Dr. Jingo Jango and Going in the Magic Screen
Being Allergic to Dogs

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