Episode PlotEdit

The secret word for this episode is "back". Pee-wee plays with his magic glasses. Cowboy Curtis teaches Pee-wee square dancing and Pee-wee teaches Cowboy Curtis pogo dancing. They then have snack time cowboy-style, where Curtis reveals that hot dogs, hamburgers, beans and chili peppers have to be slow-cooked over an open fire. Pee-wee (understandably) complains that it will take too long and wishes that the snack was prepared immediately. Pee-wee then shows us the inside of his mind. Pee-wee and Conky play checkers (Conky wins). The playhouse has a rhythm band with pots and pans. After Reba stops the band, Pee-wee learns how the post office (UPS, Fed-Ex, etc.) works. The episode ends when Pee-wee sings a goodbye song in a different male voice before leaving the playhouse on his scooter.


  • Cowboy Curtis and Reba visit in this episode.
  • Dixie has a new yellow jacket in this episode. Her name is written on the back of it, as well as a picture of herself.
  • It is revealed in this episode that Conky can play checkers.
  • During snacktime, many characters sing Playhouse on the Range (to the tune of Home on the Range). The lyrics go like this:
Playhouse, Playhouse on the range
Where things are a little bit strange
Where often is heard the secret word
And the cows are all happy all day
    • During the song, we learn that Conky can play the guitar.
  • When Pee-wee comes out of Magic Screen, he lands on the floor; Chairry says "safe" like a baseball umpire.
  • Pee-wee lip-syncs to a record of a vintage goodbye song before leaving on his scooter.


  • Secret word: back
  • Connect-the-dots: Jungle Gym (and slide)
  • Snack: Cowboy-style food
  • Wish: Snack was done being cooked cowboy-style.