The King of Cartoons is a man who rules a kingdom called Cartoonland. Unlike many kings who have fancy travel, the King of Cartoons is a humbler and more economical king; he hires Dixie and her taxi service to chauffer him to the Playhouse or wherever he wishes to travel. The king is a good friend of Pee-Wee; often making visits to the Playhouse to show the audience old-time cartoons from the 1940s to the 1970s.

His method of presenting the cartoons varied; sometimes he would simply turn on a television set, other times he would bring an old-fashioned projector. In both methods he would often announce "Let the cartoon begin!"

King of cartoon shows up the to Playhouse in Pee Wee's Christmas Special, he gives Pee Wee two fruit cakes (as is the gag in the entire show). Then Annette Funicello asks the King if she can "say it just this once," and he kindly obliges. The cartoon itself (title unknown) is from the 40s/50s and is set in orphanage, all of the kids are crying, a man in a sled pulls up, and climbs in the window. He begins to make toys with household items (a pot with a lid and string make a guitar, a train set out of a coffee pot and tea set), he decorates the orphanage with a tree made from several umbrellas which once lit transfers to a claymation tree. The orphans cheer and the Santa like old man laughs.

It was revealed in the episode Spring that he is married to the Queen of Cartoons and that the marriage has issue, a little boy aptly named the Prince of Cartoons.

The King of Cartoons

King of Cartoons

First Appearance
Last Appearance
Voice Actors
Gilbert Lewis(Season 1) William H. Marshall(Season 2+)
Telling Stories to His Ancestors Fire in the Playhouse

Giving Soup to Jambi (Sick,Did Somebody Say Sick?)

Giving a Tv To Pee Wee (Instead of a Projector(Open House)
Monsters(Monster in the Playhouse) Hitting his Taxi with a Flat Tire (Restraunt)

Played by:

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