Pee-Wee and Ms. Yvonne play office.

Episode Plot

Mrs. Rene comes back from walking Roosevelt and shows Pee-wee tricks she taught him. Miss Yvonne comes over and they play office and take turns playing boss and secretary; when it's Pee-wee's turn to be secretary, he decides to take a break. Pee-wee comes back from playing from Cowboy Curtis and decides to have some juice; everyone wants different flavors, so Pee-wee decides to mix them all together and make fruit punch. Pee-wee proposes a toast. Cowboy Curtis gives Pee-wee a cactus.

- Mrs. Rene, Miss Yvonne, King of Cartoons, and Cowboy Curtis visit in this episode.
- El Hombre is shown in this episode.

Secret word: that
Connect-the-dots: magic carpet
Snack: fruit punch
Wish: Pee-wee wishes Jambi could join him on the magic carpet ride. &nbsp