Luau for Two is the second episode in season one.

Plot SummaryEdit

Pee-Wee wins two tickets for dinner at a Hawaiian restaurant. He is buttered up by everyone in hopes of getting one of his tickets. He gets so disgusted with all the phony flattery that he eventually confronts everyone about it in a very, very angry tone.


Scene 1: Pee-Wee plays Pee-Wee Says with you.

Connect the Dots: Pee-Wee plays Magic Screen Says. Then he makes a jack-in-a-box.

Scene 2: Pee-Wee lands on Chairry. The Playhouse Gang is coming. Pee-Wee tells them what today's secret word is.

Secret Word: Today's secret word is "fun." Pee-Wee asks the Playhouse Gang to play with Pterri.

Picturephone: Pee-Wee competes in a game show on the Picturephone, to which he wins. Pee-Wee's prize is two tickets to a luau and the game show host hopes Pee-Wee has "fun."

Scene 3: Pee-Wee tells everyone he wins. Globey says "You're out of this world!"

Dixie and the King of Cartoons: Dixie plays her trumpet for the King of Cartoons to come. Pee-Wee is not here. Everyone watches "The Anteater" (1954)

Scene 4: Pee-Wee has tape from the store. He says it's time for more "fun." He puts tape on his head. Captain Carl is coming. Pee-Wee scares him. Captain Carl takes a video of Hawaii. Pee-Wee watches it on Magic Screen. Carl leaves.

Scene 5: Pee-Wee has a luau. Everyone is coming to visit and taking a lot. Pee-Wee couldn't hear.

Penny Cartoon: Penny reads a story about "The Big Fireman and the Small Fireman."

Scene 6: Pee-Wee blows Tito's whistle. Everyone was quiet. Pee-Wee has something to say. Pee-Wee says everyone took advantage of him by trying to get themselves invited to the luau, and accuses them of not being his friend, only wanting the tickets and hands them over. When Mrs. Steve, Miss Yvonne, Captain Carl and Tito realize this, all four apologize for taking advantage of Pee-Wee. Pee-Wee accepts their apology and cannot blame them for wanting to go to the luau, but regrets he only has two tickets. He wishes there was a way for all five of them to enjoy a luau, which attracts the attention of Jambi.

Jambi's wish: To have a luau at Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

Scene 7: Everyone loves Hawaii. Why don't they marry it? They do the hula and the limbo.

Scooter Eject: This luau sure was great! I hope you boys and girls have "fun." AAAAAAH! Aloha!

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