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Flat-out irritated!


Episode PlotEdit

Pee-wee plays tic-tac-toe with Magic Screen, but loses when Randy tricks him into a wrong move. Pee-wee gets the secret word from Conky, and tricks Mr. Kite into saying it. Miss Yvonne then calls on the Picturephone and asks to stay at the playhouse for a few days while her house is being painted. Everyone cleans up and looks forward to having Miss Yvonne stay... until Pee-wee learns that, despite her high-maintenance image, she is a sloppy and demanding houseguest; with Jambi's help, Miss Yvonne's house is done being painted and she can go back home, but then Cowntess has her house painted and wants to stay at the playhouse.


  • Miss Yvonne visits in this episode, hence the episode's title. However, her visit is considerably longer than just a few minutes due to her house being painted.
    • We find out that when she moves into someone's home, she brings in all her dresses, makeup and beauty supplies to maintain her famous looks.
  • Whem Miss Yvonne is waking Pee-wee from sleep, she asks him "Did you have a nice night's sleep?" and no one screams even though the secret word is "nice".
  • Vic Trevino (Ricardo) is credited, but doesn't exactly appear as Ricardo in this episode.
  • Martin Azarow played Michael Angelo (the painter).
  • El Hombre and Penny are shown in this episode.
  • The dress that Miss Yvonne wore in the Christmas special is seen on a rack near the bed.
  • A parody of American Gothic, in which the head of the farmer is not shown, is seen as one of the pictures Pee-wee pulls down in the Picturephone. The woman's eyes are bugged out, as if in a state of shock, and more of the iconic house is shown.
  • The Picturephone is used four times in this episode.


  • Secret word: nice
  • Connect-the-dots: none, but is mentioned
  • Snack: Pancakes with fruit faces
  • Wish: Miss Yvonne's house was done being painted so she can leave

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