Episode PlotEdit

Mrs. Steve warns the neighborhood of a green monster with one giant eye and two mouths that she saw; she is deathly afraid of it and now so is everyone else. Pee-wee doesn't believe it until the monster appears. Pee-wee fearfully makes the monster a snack (a submarine sandwich) and asks Jambi to help everyone understand what the monster is saying; they learn that the monster's name is Roger and that he is in fact a friendly monster. Everyone has fun with Roger until his mother calls on the Picturephone and tells him to come home because she was worried about her son; he invites Pee-wee over for dinner afterwards and the man-child gladly accepts.


  • Reba, Mrs. Steve, and Tito visit in this episode.
  • We learn a good moral lesson from this episode - Never judge a person only on their looks, but by their character and behavior. This is the same moral one would learn from the Power Rangers Time Force episode "Trip Takes a Stand", which features a similar monster character named Notacon.
  • Only time Conky gives the full Secret Word instructions.
  • This is the first time that Conky reveals his own fears - darkness and monsters.
  • This is the first time Reba says the secret word; here, she actually enjoys the game, but in Dr. Pee-wee and the Del Rubios she grows to be irritated by it. However, in Rebarella she enjoys it again.
  • Dixie doesn't play the trumpet.
  • Wayne White voiced Roger.
  • This is the first time there was no connect-the-dots.
  • Roger scares away the Salesman, and the Salesman in turn scares Roger.
  • This is the only time where someone else rides on the scooter with Pee-wee taking Roger home. However, Pee-wee invited Chairry to ride on the scooter with him in Why Wasn't I Invited?.
  • When Roger's mom says the secret word in her language, Roger screams solely as some nonsensical symbols appear on the screen.


  • Secret word: look
  • Connect-the-dots: None
  • Snack: Giant sub sandwich for Roger
  • Wish: To know what Roger was saying.