The Christmas Special Version is a Song Based on The Name Game Which made A Debut in the Season 3 Episode,Reba Eats and Pterri Runs but Is a Song Containing Guest Stars and Live Action Characters and Characters From Pee Wee's Playhouse including Jambi

Lyrics Edit

(2 Wolf Howls)

Chorus:There's Christmas in the Playhouse and Hearts are All Alone. as We Welcome into the Playhouse Into Pee-Wee's Christmas Special.For the Holidays Are Here on Then,Peace on Earth Will build and Cheer,As We Wish We See some Really facts,It's A Special Time of Year.

Pee Wee:Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello Everyone,My Name is Pee Wee! What's Yours? Welcome to My Special Christmas Special! Starring Me! Pee Wee Herman


Pee Wee:Pterri!

Del-Rubios:(OOOOHH 2)

Pee Wee:Conky!

Del-Rubios:(OOOOHH 3)

Pee Wee:Globey!

Del-Rubios:(OOOOHH 4)

Pee Wee:Floory!

Del-Rubios:(OOOOHH 5)

Pee Wee:Cool Cat,Chicky Baby and Dirty Dog!

Del-Rubios:(OOOOHH 6)

Pee Wee:Chairry!

Del-Rubios:(OOOOHH 7)

Pee Wee:Flowers!

Del-Rubios:Merry Christmas to You

Pee Wee:Fish!,Clockey!,Mr. Kite!

Ann:And Ann!

Pee Wee:Penny!

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas To You 2)

Pee Wee:Randy!

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas To You 3)

Pee Wee:Cowntess!


Pee Wee:Magic Screen

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas to You 4)

Pee Wee:Say Hi to Mr. Window!,The Ants!

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas To You 5)

Pee Wee:The Dinosaur Family!

Del-Rubios:Merry Christmas

Pee Wee:Billy Baloney! and The Food in the Refrigerator


Pee Wee:Also Starring...

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas 2)

Pee Wee:Cowboy Curtis!

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas 3)

Pee Wee:Miss Yvonne!

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas 4)

Pee Wee:Ricardo!

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas 5)

Pee Wee:Mrs. Renee

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas 6)

Pee Wee:The king of Cartoons!


Pee Wee:Reba the Mail Lady!

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas 7)

Pee Wee:And Jambi!

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas 8)

Pee Wee:and My Special Special Guest Stars.....

Del-Rubios:F**K You

Pee Wee:Christie Avalon!

Del-Rubios:(Merry Christmas 9)

Pee Wee:Cheryl!

Women:(F**K You 2)

Pee Wee:Del Rubio Triplets!

Women:(Merry Christmas 10)

Pee Wee:Annette Bunnachello!

Women:(Merry Christmas 11)

Pee Wee:Whoopi Goldberg!

Women:(F***K You 3)

Pee Wee:Magic johnson

Women:(Merry christmas 12)

Pee Wee:Grace Jones

Women:Be Prepared

Pee Wee:(Saying Lots of Guest Stars)

Woman:(Last Merry Christmas)

Pee Wee:(The Chorus' First Line)

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