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Episode PlotEdit

When Cowboy Curtis, Miss Yvonne, and Cowntess can't come over because they have to work (much to Pee-wee's despair), everyone at the playhouse make up their own holiday and call it "Playhouse Day," which is all holidays in one. The King of Cartoons decides to make it a real holiday. Pee-wee's friends get the rest of the day off work to celebrate.


  • Cowboy Curtis, Miss Yvonne, and The King of Cartoons visit in this episode.
  • Penny is shown in this episode.
  • We find out in this episode that Conky's favorite holiday is Valentine's Day (February 14) and, judging by his reaction, he is quite the romantic despite being a robot.


  • Aired October 13, 1990 so you can celebrate along with everyone else!
  • Secret word: thing
  • Connect-the-dots: none
  • Snack: watermelon
  • Wish: none

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