Episode PlotEdit

The entire house is in shock when they notice a "For Sale" sign in front of the Playhouse. Miss Yvonne nearly goes hysterical. Everyone has flashbacks of the good times they shared in the playhouse. Pee-Wee tells everyone that the playhouse is NOT for sale. He sees the word "Lemonade" which fell off the sign and puts under the word "For Sale" merging into "Lemonade For Sale".


  • This is the series finale.
    • It was commonly thought that Pee-wee's Playhouse got cancelled due to Reubens' 1991 indecent exposure arrest; in actuality the show was already retired as Reubens, claiming an overworked crew and fear of decline of quantity and quality in material in this episode and the preceding ones, had decided against a sixth season. However, the popularity of the show had put it into syndication, which CBS revoked in fall of 1991 when the arrest was made public.
    • These fears of material quality decline are confirmed when stock footage of Conky from season 2 is played over his stammering from Camping Out.
  • Secret word: Word
  • Connect the Dots: none
  • Snack: lemonade
  • Wish: none
  • In the flashbacks, several lines by certain characters were recorded differently.
  • Conky's stammering from Camping Out was reused again for this episode.

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