Conky is brainwashed by a mysterious individual. Pee-wee gets a Picturephone call from the tyrannical ruler of another planet, and the playhouse and everyone in it (including Reba) take a trip through space. When they land on another planet, a member of the planet named Yvona warns them of the ruler, named Zyzzybalubah, who intends to capture and enslave them. Zyzzy arrives and tells them they will be his friends (his slaves, really, as demonstrated by him ordering them to "entertain him; make him laugh"), but later everyone tells Zyzzy that in order to be friends, he should be a friend—that is, not be so domineering, abusive and forceful, and not to treat everyone like slaves. After realizing that he made a huge mistake, Zyzzy agrees to send the playhouse back to Earth; Yvona stays behind, however. When they get back, everyone shows Zyzzy what friends do together, then Zyzzy goes back home to be with Yvona.


  • Miss Yvonne and Reba visit in this episode. Cowboy Curtis is mentioned, but doesn't appear.
  • George McGrath played Zyzzybalubah.
  • The secret word is said and screamed at a grand total of 12 times.
  • Lynne Marie Stewart also played Yvona in this episode.
  • Only time where the King of Cartoons calls from his palace.
  • This is the only episode where the secret word has a Z.


  • Secret word: Zyzzybalubah (Conky is brainwashed into making it the secret word)
  • Connect-the-dots: none
  • Snack: none
  • Wish: none