Episode PlotEdit

In the season finale, Pee-wee writes a pen pal letter and wishes Reba over to come over to mail it; it turns out to be Reba's day off so Pee-wee invites her over for breakfast, which to her anger was an imaginary meal and not a real one. While Pee-wee is calling Mrs. Rene on the Picturephone, Pterri acts up and gets sent to his nest, so Randy talks him into running away. Everyone feels bad for the way they treated Pterri, and he overhears this. He was hiding under the bed the whole time. Pee-wee tells Pterri that when he has a problem, he should talk about it instead of running away, because running away will only make his problem worse. Everyone then wants to play with Pterri as a way to apologize for the way they treated him.


  • Season 3 only had 2 episodes. The reason was because Paul Reubens was busy making "Big Top Pee-wee" at the time and that the 1988 Writers' Guild strike was happening.
  • Ricardo and Reba visit in this episode.
  • Mrs. Rene calls on the Picturephone.
  • When the King of Cartoons comes, a red carpet is rolled out like he is a star walking to a Hollywood movie premiere.
  • The events of this episode will be mentioned again in Playhouse for Sale, with Pterri's "I didn't really run away; I just hid under the bed." line re-recorded by John Paragon.


  • Secret word: now
  • Connect-the-dots: none
  • Snack: Imaginary breakfast feast
  • Wish: Reba would come over. Pee-wee later tries to wish Pteri would come back, but Jambi of course refuses

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