Ricardo was a friend of Pee-Wee's, who replaced the role of Tito as Pee-Wee's athletic friend without any in-show explanation. Ricardo seemed to be a pro soccer player and dancer, and was also knowledgeable about keeping up good health. When Pee Wee got ill, Ricardo recommended Pee Wee not exercise, play, or do anything he was used to doing in order to allow his body to rest and battle the illness. Ricardo had to leave for a soccer game that afternoon, but said he would return afterward to see how Pee Wee was doing. When Ricardo was away, Pee Wee found it hard to bring himself to calm down and rest, until he got so weak and sick he had to take Ricardo's advice. However, Pee-wee became very mean and nasty around everyone as a result.

Like many of the men on the show, Yvonne had a crush on Ricardo during his time on the show.

Played by Vic Trevino (seasons 2-5)

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