Rusty is a strange old man who hung out with the Playhouse Gang - and acted exactly like them, if not more childish. Pee-Wee was suspicious and elected not to admit him to the Playhouse, until the others convince Pee-Wee to be nice. Oddly
enough, he wears a "Playboy" pin on his hat, among others. He makes his only appearance in The Gang's All Here.

He messes with Conky's controls, causing the robot to malfunction; this angered Pee-wee enough to not only silence them, but also order all four of them to get out of his sight.

He was played by Calvert DeForest, who was most famous for his role as "Bud" Melman on The David Letterman Show.

Appearance: Rusty is a middle-aged man with white skin and blonde-gray hair. He wears a hat with many pins on it, including the one with the Playboy logo, a light periwinkle polo shirt, shorts with palm tree designs, white socks, and black sneakers.