Episode PlotEdit

Pee-wee reads a book. The Playhouse gang comes over and have a breakfast snack and watch a cartoon. Creativity with pipe cleaners. Everyone plays school (Pee-wee as the teacher, Magic Screen as Blackboard, Globey as Globe). Mrs. Rene teaches acting, then the gang does a fire drill (with even Globey and Conky evacuating). Pee-wee and the Playhouse Gang talk about jobs that they could have after the commercial break.


  • The Playhouse Gang and Mrs. Rene visit in this episode.
  • Pee-wee (playing the role of a schoolteacher) tells the Playhouse Gang (playing the roles of students) to settle down when they scream to the secret word during their game. While this is way more gentle than the instances in Pee Wee Catches a Cold and Love that Story, this is the third instance in which Pee-Wee has requested for the denizens to keep quiet in the Playhouse.
  • Last appearance of Rapunzel, Fabian, Lil' Punkin, and Knucklehead. To this day, the actors for the three Playhouse Gang members have not come forward in interviews explaining the reasons for the character departures.
  • Pee-wee makes a dinosaur out of pipe cleaners, while the dinosaur kids make a Pee-wee that does the Pee-wee dance.
  • First time Pee-wee doesn't reveal the secret word; Rapunzel does it in this episode, but Pee-wee still gives the instructions.


  • Secret word: easy
  • Connect-the-dots: none, even though Magic Screen is present
  • Snack: Cereal and fresh fruit
  • Wish: To play in a rock band

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