Episode PlotEdit

In the season premiere, Pee-wee is out of food, he goes shopping and Randy decides to play Randy's Playhouse and changes all the rules until Magic Screen deals with him; immediately after, Pee-wee returns. Infuriated, Pee-wee orders Randy to apologize for teasing everybody in the Playhouse and ruining the TV show. After the commercial break, Pee-wee shows us what he bought; when he takes out the French Bread, he wishes that he and Chandelier could visit Paris. Jambi tries to grant the wish, but isn't feeling well and Pee-wee calls Dr. Jinga Janga on the Picturephone. Dr. Jinga Janga tells Pee-wee that Jambi is suffering from Mecca Lecca Hi Mecca Heinyitis, a form of burnout, and Pee-wee should show Jambi that he cares for him regardless of whether he grants wishes or not. This works out well and Jambi gets better.


  • The King of Cartoons visits in this episode.
  • Bernard Fox played Dr. Jinga Janga.
  • Penny is shown in this episode.
  • Randy does the secret word, and changes the rules so that when it is heard, everyone has to bark instead of scream.
  • The Picturephone has a keypad to dial phone numbers on, and there is a phone book.


  • Secret word: go
  • Connect Randy's dots: jail cell
  • Snack: Chicken noodle soup for Jambi from the King
  • Wish: Was to see Paris originally, but Pee-wee got his true wish that Jambi got better

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