Episode PlotEdit

In the season premiere, Pee-wee is out of food, so he goes grocery shopping. Randy decides to play Randy's Playhouse. He rebelliously changes all the rules (barking instead of screaming whenever the Secret Word is heard by any of the denizens, for example, as well as unplugging Conky, waking him prematurely and retrieving the Secret Word without Pee-wee's permission) until Magic Screen deals with him; immediately after, Pee-wee returns. Infuriated after Roosevelt tells him about it, Pee-wee orders Randy to apologize for teasing everybody in the Playhouse and ruining the TV show. After the commercial break, Pee-wee shows us what he bought; when he takes out the French Bread, he wishes that he and Chandelier could visit Paris. Jambi tries to grant the wish, but isn't feeling well and Pee-wee calls Dr. Jinga Janga on the Picturephone. Dr. Jinga Janga tells Pee-wee that Jambi is suffering from Mecca Lecca Hi Mecca Heinyitis, a form of burnout, and Pee-wee should show Jambi that he cares for him regardless of whether he grants wishes or not. This works out well and Jambi gets better.


  • The King of Cartoons visits in this episode.
  • Bernard Fox played Dr. Jinga Janga.
  • Penny is shown in this episode.
  • Randy does the secret word instructions, forcibly getting the word from Conky, and changes the rules so that when it is heard, everyone has to bark instead of scream.
  • This episode reveals that the real reason why Jambi grants people only one wish each day is because his power is finite; too many wishes granted causes him to lose his power and suffer a form of burnout.
  • The Picturephone has a keypad to dial phone numbers on, and there is a phone book.
  • The scene where Jambi flashes purple in claymation resembles the same color as Lady Genie in Party, the last episode of Season 1.


  • Secret word: go
  • Connect Randy's dots: jail cell
  • Snack: Chicken noodle soup for Jambi from the King
  • Wish: Was to see Paris originally, but Pee-wee got his true wish that Jambi got better