Episode PlotEdit

In the season finale, Mrs. Rene uses the exercise belt. Everyone tries to guess the secret word. Pee-wee makes frozen fruit cubes for snack. Cowboy Curtis comes over, and they have an adventure in the Magic Screen. Pee-wee reads pen pal letters. Cowboy Curtis sings a song. Miss Yvonne comes over and plays store. Everyone has the frozen fruit cubes.


  • Mrs. Rene, Cowboy Curtis, Reba, and Miss Yvonne visit in this episode.
  • The Picturephone is used as a pretend elevator when Store is being played. It is revealed that up to three people can enter it despite there being only one seat.
  • First time Cowboy Curtis plays the guitar. The first character that did this was Conky in Just Another Day.
  • First time someone other than Pee-wee goes in the Magic Screen.
  • First time a Penny cartoon is shown before The King of Cartoons shows a cartoon.
  • First time there was no wish in an episode.


  • Secret word: more
  • Connect-the-dots: rail cart with tracks
  • Snack: Frozen fruit cubes
  • Wish: none

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