Cowboy Curtis2
The Cowboy Curtis Song is a Song that is Taken From the Episode,Pee-Wee shows Cowboy Curtis His Guitar and Sings a Song


Cowboy Curtis:Hey Pee Wee,Look at My Guitar.

Pee Wee:Wow

Cowboy Curtis:I Wrote this Song,Do you like to Hear it?

Pee Wee:Would I?,Could I?

(Pee Wee Laughs)

Cowboy Curtis:If You Smile A Little more?

(Everyone Screams)

Cowboy Curtis:And I(Smile a Little More? 2)

(Everyone Screams 2)

Cowboy Curtis:The Whole wide World,Be A Part of a Happy Place,By A Whole lot More?

(Everyone Screams 3)

Cowboy Curtis:If you Laugh (A Little More? 3)

(Everyone Screams 4)

Cowboy Curtis:And I Laugh (A Little More? 4)

(Everyone Screams 5)

Cowboy Curtis:The Whole I Wrote but Maybe I Can Sing You A little Bit More!

(Everyone Screams 6)


  • The Song Has 6 Screams in This Episode.

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