Episode PlotEdit

In this episode, the Playhouse Gang comes over to play with their new friend Rusty. Pee-wee gives everyone a secret name (with -o at the end of everyone's name). Mama Dinosaur vacuums and the vacuum cleaner goes out of control and sucks up everything including Pee-wee and it's up to Jambi to help. The gang does other things like flash cards, draw pictures of Pee-wee, sing "Frere Jacque", and make grilled cheese sandwiches for snack time. The gang later gets out of control, so Pee-wee asks them (or rather, eloquently but firmly orders them) to leave, but they return later after seeing Pee-wee acting out of control himself. Earlier, however, Pee-wee gets irritated with the group during a scene where he asks the Gang to go get foil for his foil ball.


  • The Playhouse Gang visit in this episode. However, they overstay their welcome and, out of irritation and firmness, he orders them to leave.
  • Dixie doesn't wear her hat in the scene where she and the King of Cartoons arrive. The scene does reveal that she is very good at singing, however.
  • Calvert DeForest played Rusty.
  • Conky crashes into the Picturephone in this episode, nearly causing it to fall over; he also tries to keep the Playhouse Gang in line but Opal messes with his controls which causes the robot to malfunction. Perhaps this is why Pee-wee stopped the Gang before they could cause further damage.


  • Pee-Wee: (after silencing everyone) Now look, you guys know that I really like you, right? [...] Good. Then, I'm sure you'll understand what I'm about to say. The playhouse is a place where we can all play. But you guys are playing too loud and too rough. You can't run around the Playhouse and scream and jump on the furniture! Now you know that you're welcome to come over and play anytime that you want! But for now, I think that the best thing for each of you to do is to go home and reflect on what I've just told you.
  • Conky: (during his malfunction) Whoa! Whoa!


  • Secret word: okay
  • Connect-the-dots: crane
  • Snack: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  • Wish: Getting Pee-wee out of the mouse hole.

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