Billy Baloney2
The Name Game is a song That Every member of the Playhouse Must Sing. They Say My Name is and You Are. in The end, Pterri Sings then Pee-wee Says the Song is Over.


Pee Wee:Hello,It's Time to Play with Your Favorite Name

(Pee Wee Laughs)

Pee Wee:I'm Going to Sing a song,Whenever I Say your Name,Your Name is,You Say your name.

(Pee Wee Laughs)

Pee Wee:It's Simple,You Ready? Let's Sing! As I Sing A Song, you want to sing Along (Cuz I Know Your name Is 2) You are my Friend and I Can Depend (Cuz I know Your Name is 3) My Name is Pee Wee and You are,and I Would ever lied. I Call You Pee Wee and I Call You and I Know You Are But What are you and What Am I? (6 Ahs) Dig it

Chairry:My Name is Chairry and You Are

Globey:My Name is Globey and You Are

Billy Baloney:My Name is Billy and You Are

Pee Wee: My Name is Pee Wee and You Are


Pterri:(5 My Name is Pterris) And You are

Pee Wee:Pterri!,Pterri


Pee Wee:The Song is Over


(Pee Wee Laughs)

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