Pee-Wee & Carl play restaurant.

Episode PlotEdit

Today's secret word is "day". Pee-wee sees Dixie and the King of Cartoons come to the house, but the cab doesn't honk and Dixie is all bruised and oily. Dixie's cab has a flat tire and she's pretty mad about it, so the King of Cartoons stays and plays indoor golf with Pee-wee, with Conky as the caddie. Pee-wee makes action toys out of construction paper. Captain Carl comes over for snacktime; Pee-wee decides to play restaurant, with Captain Carl as the patron and Pee-wee as the host and waiter. Captain Carl orders things off the menu and finds out they only have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches left. Carl refuses to eat as a result, feeling ripped off. Pee-wee then tried to make a wish for today, but his mind blanks and he doesn't know what to wish for. When he says he wishes he knew what to wish for, Jambi grants it. Pee-wee suddenly knows what to wish for now, but Jambi says it's too late, as he's already had a wish. Pee-wee doesn't believe him, so Jambi shows him the instant replay on Magic Screen. Pee-wee accuses Jambi of scamming him and wants another wish, but Jambi tells him the rules of wishing: only one wish per show. Pee-wee then throws a childish tantrum. Later, Pee-Wee saves the flowers from a weed in the flower bed. Tito shows Pee-wee his scuba gear and they both have an underwater adventure together.


  • First time the King of Cartoons is seen after the cartoon.
  • Captain Carl and Tito visit in this episode.
  • Captain Carl doesn't eat his sandwich despite the fact that he ordered it.
  • First time lemonade is mentioned on the show.
  • When Dixie angrily glares at everyone screaming when she says "day", the picture on each character freezes to indicate that they're falling quiet.
  • Pee-wee wasted his wish.
  • The only time a weed was discovered in the flower bed.
  • Dixie's cab horn doesn't honk, due to the cab having a flat tire, and she and the King have to go to the playhouse by foot.


  • Secret word: day
  • Connect-the-dots: shopping cart
  • Snack: peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Wish: Pee-wee wishes he knew what to wish for (Pee-wee accuses Jambi of scamming him into wasting his wish)