The opening prelude theme is an interpretation of Les Baxter's "Quiet Village". The theme song, which originally followed the prelude, was performed by Cyndi Lauper (credited as Ellen Shaw) as an imitation of cartoon character

Betty Boop.


(Pee-Wee Screaming)

(Pee Wee Laughing)

Woman:Pee Wee's Playhouse


Mr. Window:(8 Baas)

(Pee Wee Screaming)

Lauper:Climb in,Inside that Pop-Up Chair.

Pee Wee:That's Charry

Lauper:But the Fun Begins it's Time to let Down your Hair,

(Pee Wee Laughing)

Lauper:Pee Wee's Doing Things Bright,Because He Can't Just Stopping With Which?

Pee Wee:That's You

Lauper:The Wacky,in Pee wee's Playhouse

(Pee Wee Screams)

Lauper:(Climb in 2) Even on the Puppetland

Pee Wee:What's that?

Lauper: There will be Cool Cat,Dirty Dog,Chicky Baby's Puppetband.

Pee Wee:Yeah!

Lauper:There will Be A couple of Taks of Fish

Fish 1:(blubbing)

Lauper:Then a Genie who Grants A Wish,Not in a Frou Frou (At Pee Wee's Playhouse 2)

(Pee Wee Laughs)

Lauper:Globey's spinning,Mr.Window grinning cause Pterri's flying by.

Pee Wee:Hello

Lauper:Flowers Gone singin,The Picturephone's Ringing and the Dinosaur Family Says hi. Mr.Kite Soaring, Conky's still a snoring, there's a flashing Magic Screen. (more Coming Soon)

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