Episode PlotEdit

In the season premiere, Pee-wee talks about the importance caring for one's teeth. Jambi calls from his trip to Mount Rushmore. Pee-wee gets a toothache and tries everything to get it to stop hurting. Miss Yvonne talks Pee-wee into going to the dentist, but he is afraid to go, so Miss Yvonne goes with him; it turns out that Pee-wee, in his adult age, had one final baby tooth that needed to come out.


  • Miss Yvonne visits in this episode.
  • There is a Penny cartoon, but the opening for the cartoon is not shown due to time constraints.
  • Conky does something that a home robot would do; he carries a drink tray.
  • First time Jambi is seen outside his box.
  • Only time Jambi's answering machine is seen.
  • When Pee-wee passes Mount Rushmore at the end, Jambi is seen in place of Abraham Lincoln's head.


  • Secret word: it
  • Connect-the-dots: rocket
  • Snack: carrot
  • Wish: Pee-wee tries to wish that his tooth would stop hurting, but Jambi is not there and an answering machine is in his box instead.