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Episode Plot

Pee-wee and the members of the playhouse
lyp-synch to an old record. Pee-wee plays with the Playhouse Gang. While Pee-wee's gone, Cowboy Curtis comes over and sings a song about flowers, Miss Yvonne comes over and clog dances; she later takes a bubble bath. Everyone decides to suprise Pee-wee with a snack, only Pee-wee also brings back a snack. Everyone has snacktime.

- The Playhouse Gang, Cowboy Curtis, and Miss Yvonne visit in this episode.
- First appearance of Rapunzel, Fabian and Lil' Punkin.

Secret word: cool
Connect-the-dots: roller coaster
Snack: ice cream and cake pudding
Wish: Miss Yvonne wishes for clogging shoes

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