The Advice Lady

Episode PlotEdit

Pee-wee plays with his toy robot, and asks the viewing audience if the robot reminds them of anyone. Pee-wee figures that the toy robot reminds him of Conky, and gets the secret word from him ("all") after a short chat with his robot pal. The flowers find a caterpillar in their flower bed. Magic Screen shows a documentary on how a caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Mrs. Rene walks by on her way to Cowntess' birthday party. Pee-wee learns that Randy, Globey, Pterri, and Conky were invited too, and Pee-Wee sends them off with some tears in his eyes and some childish whining. Pee-wee, Magic Screen, and Chairry try to have fun but they don't, so Pee-wee writes the Advice Lady and she calls and gives Pee-wee advice. Pee-wee calls Cowntess and tells her off, then feels bad. Pee-wee, Magic Screen, and Chairry finally get their invitations. Cowntess comes over, upset over hurting Pee-Wee's feelings during the Picture Phone call; Pee-wee apologizes to her and goes to the party on his scooter.


  • Mrs. Rene and Reba appear in this episode.
  • In a scene where Pee-Wee is upset about not being invited to the party, George McGrath voiced the Advice Lady.
  • When Pee-wee complains that Cowntess never invited him, he says the word all, and no one screams even though the secret word is "all".
  • It's unknown on how much of a good time Conky, Globey and Pterri had at the party, much less the others when they went.


  • Secret word: all
  • Connect-the-dots: none
  • Snack: Celery with cream chease or peanut butter and cheese and crackers
  • Wish: none