Herman and Reba try to break out of the force field that Zyzzy as has activated while Yvona looks on.



A female humanoid alien, who was captured by Zyzzybalubah and locked in a cage as his "friend" (really his personal slave). Bears a striking resemblance to Miss Yvonne and has similar theme music when she first appears. It is implied by her in Playhouse in Outer Space that Zyzzy has kept Yvona as his slave for years (when she says "It's always been like this."). It is also strongly hinted that Pee-wee may have romantic feelings for Yvona as well, as he sadly says goodbye to her when she leaves. Yvona is mentioned again when Zyzzy returns home to his planet, but she is never mentioned again in other episodes.

Played by Lynne Marie Stewart, she is the second character to be performed by this actress.